Our TERRIFIC Parents                                         


The Kin's

Steve Kin
Father of 5 Riviera Swimmers, Eddie, Henry, Mike, John and Barbara. Steve along with his wife Irene played an important "ongoing" role in the Parents Association. 


April 2004...Mike Kin, Father Steve Kin, Eddie Kin



The Haver's  

       Tom Haver & Mike the dog... Betty Haver, Nancy & Judy

Betty & Tom Haver


Tom & Betty Haver...Parents of swimmer Judy Haver

Tom was the  official Riviera Team
Photographer and served for several years as Clerk of the Course. Both Tom and Betty
dedicated time and effort in their support of the Riviera Swimmers. They continue to travel
to various Master's Swim Meets where Tom competes and daughter Judy watches from the
stands...what a change!

Tom is still active in U.S. Masters Swimming and found that his tri-weekly 1500 yd. workouts and 11 competition meets in 2005 moved him to Number 2 ranked in the U.S.A. and Number 5 in FINA World ranking in the 85 to 89 age group!

  2005 All American Masters Swimmer

Tom's Grandson Mark, Tom and daughter Judy



The Mean's

Bob & Esther Means

Esther Means

Bob & Esther, parents of swimmer Debbie Means. Bob worked for the A.A.U.
for many years after Debbie quit swimming and was still working to establish
the archives in Indianapolis right up to the time of his death, January 1, 1988.
Both Bob and Esther took an active part in the Riviera Swimming World.


The Collin's


Sports Illustrated Photo

Becky's Parents and Coach Johnny Galvich congratulating Becky Collins after she set a new World and National Record in the 220y Butterfly 7/19/59 


The Berglund's

Ewald Berglund


Eva Berglund


Big "E" & Johnny Galvich at Pool Side

Eva taking a break during Swim Meet at Broad Ripple


Big E & Eva,  parents of swimmers Kent Berglund and Carol Berglund

Johnny's Swimmers will always have fond memories of E, as he played a very important role in 'all' our lives. I will always remember him as our "official starter", with one hand pointing a gun towards the ceiling as we anticipated his every movement. E gave so much of himself to all us swimmers.....his time, his enthusiasm, his support and interest in the Riviera Swim Team...not to mention his participation in our many water shows. E was a true friend to my father. I will remember E  with utmost respect and thanks for giving so much of himself to all us kids at Riviera

Eva worked at Riviera in the office until 2006 . She began while Kent and Carol were swimming for Johnny Galvich helping with the swim team and never left. The love and time Eva has put into Riviera Swimming is immeasurable!!!






Swim parents...Eva Berglund, Mrs.Robert Rankin, Mrs. Kenneth Rabe & Reta Saxton; the Gaslight Dolls, model Suits of Days gone by in the Riviera Aquatic Water Show.

Swim parents..above ladies include Mrs. Reardon, Graham, Reel, Kin, ?? and Harrower


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