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Mary Jane Pickard McAllister

Barbara Jungclaus Campbell

John Wyatt Earp & wife Terry

Anne Reel & Father John Reel

Susie Rothert Meyers, Sandy Galvich
 Nancy Galvich with Pete Galvich in the back

Dannyelle Mitchess - IAC Aquatics Director

Janie Owen Bruner, Linda Woods Susong

Linda Barton Newcombe, Marge Counsilman, Cathy Counsilman

Linda Barton Newcombe & Gene Newcombe

Karen Newbold, Marge Roesinger, Ann Morrison

Tom Lord, Heather McGill Lord, Linda Barton Newcombe

Betsy Turner Jordan, Pete Riddle,
 Ann Morrison f

Cass Clark, Eva Clark, Heze
Clark & Debby Clark

Heze & Cass Clark

Pat Moll Pohlmann & Marilyn Wiegan

Nancy Galvich & Sandy Galvich

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