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Sally Wertz Enough, Dick Wertz,
Betsy Turner Jordan & Peter Riddle

Mike Kin far left. June Fogel far right

Gail Moll Pebworth & Marge Councilman

Pat Moll Pohlman and
 Ann "Cookie" Morrison Goris

Ann Morrison Goris and
 Penny Savage Langrigan

Becky Collins, Gail Moll, Pat Moll
and Judy Roberts

Betsy Turner & Joan Esterline

Gail Moll & Stan Hurt

Barbara Jungclaus Campbell, Marily Wiengan , Barbara Fodelsy Fobes

Gene Witchger & Mary Anne Marchino Witchger

Maddie Ellis, Kathy Ellis and
 Pat Moll Pohlmann

Janie Owen, Barbara Jungclaus, Barbara Fodeley, Marilyn Wiegan, Linda Woods, Deanna Woods

Mary Anne Marchino, Deanna Woods,
 Gail Moll, Judy Lamb

Janie Owen, June Fogel, Barbara Jungclaus,
Marilyn Wiegan

Stan Hurt & Deanna Woods Stouder

Gail Moll & Deanna Woods

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