Our TERRIFIC Parents                          


This section is dedicated to the devoted parents of the Indianapolis Swimmers and Divers.

Without their support, none of this would have been possible!

Elmer f. Marchino

A very enthusiastic supporter of the I.A.C., father of Olympian Mary Ann Marchino.
Elmer's family was most active in the swimming program at the I.A.C. Under the guidance of former I.A.C. Coach Jim Clark, his daughter, Mary Ann, became such an excellent swimmer that she qualified to swim on the U.S. Olympic Team in Melbourne, Australia in 1956 and the Work Meet in Sydney, Australia. Elmer was active in the Hoosier Athletics Inc., a  non-for profit corporation that pursued the transformation  of Broad Ripple Pool to specifications that allowed the Olympic Swim trials in 1952 and five national AAU swim championships together with numerous State, AAU city championships to be held there. Mr. Marchino was active in that group and had been President of the State AAU.  A special committee was formed with Tony Hulman, Frank McKinney, Sr. and Elmer Marchino to raise money for the 1960 Olympic Team. They managed to raise $30,000 for the cause, and set a record for the most ever contributed by the state. Elmer also had much to do with helping to induce the national AAU to building their headquarters in Indianapolis. He was himself very active as AAU national Counsel until 1978, and was associated with the legal staff of the U.S. Olympic Committee.  


Dr. Don Bowers & Mrs. Ione Muir


Ben R. Turner, Jr. 1955

Front: ??, Mr. Blackburn, ??, Connie Turner
Back: Ben Turner, Guy Morrison, ??, ??, ??, Mrs. Morrison

(McKinney's Yacht, Daytona Beach, Fl. 1954


Mr. & Mrs. Frank MdKinney with 14yr. old Frank Jr.


Louis Wilke, Mr. & Mrs. El mer F. Marchino


Ben Turner )far left and the I.A.C. parents and swimmers Daytona Beach, Fl.


Mrs. Parrish - Mrs. McKinney

Ben R. Turner, Jr. - Kenneth Wertz


Guy Morrison, Mayor Alex M. Clark, Judy Roberts


Connie Turner with  her blue chevrolet...Left to Right: Ann Morrison, Betsy Turner,
 Betsy Alexander, Mary Ann Marchino 1952



Judy Roberts and parents Mr. & mrs. James F. Roberts 1952


Mr. Marchino (standing) demonstrates how starting guns for swimming meets are NOT to be handled.


Ben Turner, Jr.  in  his blue Turner Chevy on Daytona Beach

Betsy Turner, Connie, Cookie Morrison, Ben Turner en route to Daytona




Ben Turner Left


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