Indianapolis Athletic Club


Coach Jim Clark was far ahead of his time in understanding stroke technique, training methods, motivation/sport psychology, and as a promoter of aquatics. Coach Clark had a positive spirit, joy
of life & love for his athletes of all ages, daily demonstrating that the value of the 8-under was just as important to the team as those training for nationals and Olympic Trials. He used competitive swimming to provide life lessons which have had a significant impact on hundreds of his swimmers.


Judy Roberts brought great prestige to the IAC as National Champion, American Record Holder, Olympic Team Member and Pan American Gold Medalist.

Following Jim Clark's departure as IAC coach in June, 1957, the team continued to practice that summer both at the IAC and Broad Ripple pools under the direction of two lifeguards. The Men's team traveled to Philadelphia in August and won the first of seven consecutive AAU Men's National Swimming Championships. The ability of this group of young swimmers to achieve this honor in 1957 was an especially fitting tribute to Jim Clark who had so well prepared them as individuals and bonded them as a close team.
In the fall of 1957, Bill Despres from North Carolina came to the IAC as Coach, and Dr. James Counsilman moved from New York to coach Indiana University. During summer of 1958, Doc drove up from Bloomington daily to coach the morning practices at Broad Riple pool and began a significant relationship coaching IAC swimmers in the summer. The 1958 Men's National Championships were again held at the Broad Ripple Pool.

The IAC 800 meter freestyle relay included Frank Brunell, Bill Cass, Alan Somers, and George Breen.

George Breen was presented the Individual High Point Champion Award.



The IAC Men won the team title again!


Victorious coach Doc Counsilman is sent off the top of the ten-meter tower.
Dr. Miles Barton is pictured with Coaches Doc Counsilman and Bill Despres.

Eugene Lee from the Michigan Shores club in Evanston, Illinois, was hired to Coach IAC in the fall of 1958 and continued the tradition of excellence.


Also competing in the Pan American Games held in Chicago were IAC swimmer's Frank McKinney, Alan Somers and Mike Troy, as well as four teammates from IU --George Breen, Ken Nakasone, Pete Sintz and Tom Verty.

Mike Troy appeared on the cover of
Sports Illustrated before the 1960 Olympic Trials.


Indianapolis Swimmers--Becky, Collins, Frank McKinney, Alan Somers, and Mike Troy--had outstanding
performances at the national and international levels.

IAC had four members of the 1960 Olympic Team in Rome - George Breen, Frank McKinney, Alan Somers, and Mike Troy.
Four IAC team members were named All-American
swimmers. W.O. Cass is shown with George Breen, Alan Somers, Frank McKinney and Frank Brunnell.

The IAC men won their fifth straight AAU team title in 1961.



While Doc and his nucleus of IAC swimmers were busy starting the dynasty at I.U. which resulted in 23 Big Ten Titles and six consecutive NCAA titles, Gene Lee was hard at work developing age group and senior level champions. Pictured here is the 1961 team at the national championships.
Doc Barton and Coach Lee congratulate three IAC National Champions: Becky Collins, Jean Ann Dellekamp and
Kathy Ellis.

Jean Ann Dellekamp won five AAU Senior National Titles in the 100 and 200 breastroke everts.
Kathy Ellis won four Olympic medals at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo and was honored by the Indianapolis Times as the Indianapolis "Woman of the Year".

Maddie Ellis earned a Gold medal at the 1965 Pan American Games.
Mike Troy - AAU Champion, NCAA Champion, Olympic Games Champion-represented the excellence achieved by Doc Councilman swimmers.

Doc Counsilman is widely recognized as the greatest coach in the history of competitive swimming and was the father of the "Science of Swimming" in scientifically analyzing stroke mechanics, training techniques, strength training and the importance of sport psychology/motivation. Doc Counsilman coached at IAC and Indiana University 48 Olympic Champions from ten countries. These athletes won 46 Olympic medals,
26 of which were gold.
Doc Councilman is pictured with Frank Mutz and Ken Peters who was hired to coach IAC in 1962.


John Pickard, former Riviera Swimmers, was hired to coach IAC in 1966.


Coach Pickard and the IAC 1966-67 Swim Team



Jill Slattery, Olympic Breastroke medalist from England, became the next coach of IAC swimmers.
IAC Manager Ken Brown, Pat O'Connor, swimming coach, and IAC Athletic Director Jim McQueenie are pictured with state champion Janie Armington.

Jay Chambers, Ohio University swimmer, was chosen to direct the IAC program in 1974.

Skip Snable took over from Jay Chambers and produced a number of outstanding state champions including Keely Cone and Susan Gottlieb.



The 1924 swimming tank received a major renovation in the 1990's and was dedicated as the Frank E. McKinney Jr. Memorial Pool.



Importance of swimming parents throughout all generations of swimmers at the IAC has been so significant. Many parents continued their support long after their children's swimming careers had ended. Norma Barton is pictured here presenting the Norma Barton award.



IAC swimming parents supported their swimmers and the IAC team in many ways and also had wonderful and enjoyable times together. Pictured here are parents who came with their daughters to a National AAU Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida.



  Hoosier Athletics was comprised of IAC parents and other community leaders who worked to bring amateur athletic events to Indianapolis providing financial support and volunteer activities. These included the 1952 Olympic Trials and a number of senior AAU Men & Women's National Championships i the 1950's and 1960's. Hoosier Athletics also sponsored many swimming championships including some at Shakamak State Park as well as activities and events in other sports. Members of Hoosier Athletics became involved in the Amateur Athletic Union not only as members of Indiana AAU Swimming Committee, but with State and National AAU governing sport bodies and conventions. The activities of Hoosier Athletics in many ways were a forerunner to the Indiana Sports Corporation.

Epitomizing the remarkable support of IAC parents was the tremendous vision, drive, support, organization and enthusiasm of Dr. Miles and Norma Barton who worked for swimming at local, state, national and Olympic levels for decades. They followed a great tradition established by Ed Aspinall who has served at the National AAU Women's Swimming Chair for many years and was highly involved in AAU governance.

All swimmers in Indiana are indebted to the wonderful support and commitment of our parents without whom competitive age group and senior swimming could not have existed and thrived in Indiana.