Betsy Turner Jordan                                      


Betsy Turner Jordan

I swam for IAC from 1947 through 1955, for Jim Clark, where my biggest achievements  were setting a record in winning the National Junior 200 yd. backstroke, and also winning a three (3) mile National Junior lake swim. I placed second several times in National Senior Championships, in backstroke, and our medley relay teams placed at Nationals as well. In 1952, our IAC 150 meter medley relay team of myself, Cookie Morrison and Judy Roberts set an American record! Theoretically, it still holds because the event doesn't exist any more.  With the invention and addition of butterfly, medley relays changed to either 200 meters or 400 meters.

I started back swimming with Masters competition at age 34, in 1971, and have been at it ever since, and expect to continue till I'm 100 or so.

So far, I have set around 35 Individual World Records (plus around 15 relay world records, with my San Diego Swim Masters Team), and around 65 Individual National Records (plus around 60 relay National records). Most of my records are in backstroke, but some are in the Individual Medley and Butterfly, and lately quite a few are in long distance swimming. I have won the U.S. Masters Swimming All-Star Award (two swimmers in each age group having amassed the most first places or points each year) eleven (11) times for pool swimming and seven (7) times for long distance swimming (in lakes or the ocean). I have been part of several age 60 and over Catalina Channel Relay Teams that have set records for that crossing.

Mostly, I continue with swimming because my husband Pete Riddle and I love the water and have made many good friends through the regular workouts and the competition, not only in California but nationwide and around the world. Keeping fit lets us enjoy life, including our many grandchildren. It all started at the IAC!!!

Betsy was honored with induction into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale FL in January 2005.....A True Honor!!! Congratulations Betsy!!!! See photo below!


                      Photo Left: Betsy Turner Jordan during

                             her days swimming for IAC


Photo Below: Betsy from about

age 50 swimming U.S. Masters

ISHOF hosts
International Masters Swimming
 Hall of Fame
2005 Induction
January 8, 2005

( r.): Richard Reinstaedtler, Phil Whitten, Burwell Jones,
Betsy Jordan,
Tod Spieker, John Deininger