Alan Somers                                                                           


Olympian... 1500 Freestyle, (1960)

Pan American 1500 Freestyle Gold (1959)

National Champion: 400 mtr. freestyle (1959, 1960)
                                       1500 mtr. freestyle (1959)
                                       800 mtr. freestyle relay (1959, 1960, 1961)

Alan Somers collected eight All-American honors in three years. He specialized in freestyle, and excelled in five different lengths as the NCAA changed its standards. In 1961 he placed fourth in the 440-yard freestyle, sixth in the 1500 meter freestyle, and tenth in the 220-yard freestyle. By 1962 he was a powerhouse in each of these, taking third place in the 440 and 1500 and fourth in the 220. The 1963 change to a 500-yard and 1650-yard course did not disrupt Sommers as he finished fourth and third respectively.


2007 - Alan Somers was awarded the Z. G. Clevenger Award, the highest award a living Indiana University "I" winner can receive for their continued, lifelong commitment to Indiana University Athletics. Alan recounted many fond, fun memories regarding Indianapolis Athletic Club swimming, and his family's swimming scholarship dedication in the name of Marge Counsilman! All ever associated with Alan should be proud of and for him! CONGRATULATIONS! Pat O'Conner

2007 - Not only was Alan a great swimmer but a great student and great person.
Love the saying..if you enjoy the rain bow you have to endure the rain....all
deserves his accolade but we all know the effort he put into everything.
Congratulations Alan! Ailbe Burke

2007 - I am so proud of and pleased for Alan to have received this award. Gail Moll Pebworth