SPRING  2008

Betsy Turner Jordan, Ruth Ann Abbett Batman
and Pat Moll Pohlmann

Steve Garrett

Still loves to compete in the water...
but now he's BUILDING and racing KAYAKS!

Steve and wife Mary Lee

Steve built the wooden kayaks. Both kayaks are made of red and white cedar strips
and covered with fiberglass.  The picture below of these two kayaks appeared in Wooden Boat magazine,  is on at least three wooden kayak company web sites, and appears in a current wooden kayak company annual catalog. 


Kathy Ellis
shows up on Portland Metro Y
Bulletin Board January 08


John Weinbrecht showed up at the Portland Metro Y for his 5:30AM Masters Swim Practice.
He got a big kick out of  the age-group teams' big bulletin board in the main lobby.
It featured a pictures of Kathy Ellis following her 1963 100m Butterfly World's Record.
Every few weeks, the Y coaches put up the picture of a historic swim personality, and the kids submit guesses as to who they are. The winners win prizes, e.g., goggles, towels, etc.
Interestingly, 44 years later, Kathy's picture was guessed correctly really quick!
John said he had his five minutes of fame when he informed them that he had swam with Kathy at Riviera.


John Weinbrecht

December 9, 2007

John (left) and his Portland Metro Y Coach, Emerson Christolph

John swam in a Winter Tune-Up Meet in Portland last week (12/9) and won the 200m and 50m breaststroke's in the 60-64 age group. He swam the 200m in 3:06, and the 50m in 39.00. It's been a while since he really trained seriously, but has now joined a pretty serious program, with good coaching. As he gets into better shape, and tunes up his starts and turns, he hope to get those times below 2:50 and 37:00. John is swimming the 100m Breast in a meet in mid-January, so we'll see how things are coming along there. John says retirement has really helped his swimming schedule/consistency!


Judy Haver
Back in the Water!
September 2007

Judy Haver, former Riviera National Jr. Backstroke Champion has returned to the water. In September, Judy joined her father Tom in the San Diego Seniors. Both Judy and Tom were Number 1 in their three backstroke events.
Congratulations Judy and Tom!


Congratulations Alan!

Alan Somers was awarded the Z. G. Clevenger Award, the highest award a living Indiana University
"I" winner can receive for their continued, lifelong commitment to Indiana University Athletics. Alan
recounted many fond, fun memories regarding Indianapolis Athletic Club swimming, and his family's
swimming scholarship dedication in the name of Marge Counsilman! All ever associated with Alan
should be proud of and for him! CONGRATULATIONS. Pat O'Conner

Not only was Alan a great swimmer but a great student and great person.
Love the saying..if you enjoy the rain bow you have to
endure the rain....all deserves his accolade but we
all know the effort he put into everything.
Congratulations Alan! Ailbe Burke

I am so proud of and pleased for Alan to have received this award. Gail Moll Pebworth


Congratulations Susan!
2005 AND 2006

Susan Rothert Myers named Long distance All Star for her age group
for both 2005 and 2006!
This year Susan won 3 events at Short Course Nationals in Federal Way,
WA. and 3 in Houston in Long Course Nationals!
(golds in 65-69 50 fly, 200 fly, 400 IM )


Way to go Betsy!

Betsy Turner Jordan won six golds in her new age group 70--74 at the National Short Course Championships last April(50/100/200 backstroke; 200/400 IM and 1650 free) AND set two national records in the 50 and 100 backstroke.  Way to go Betsy!
Then just a couple weeks ago at the Long Course Masters Nationals at the Woodlands near Houston, Texas, in 99 degree temperature Betsy won six first places again (50/100/200 back; 200/400 IM/800 free). In addition, Betsy was part of a 280+ mixed medley relay that set a world record at a regional meet in Mission Viejo, California on August 5; and Betsy also won her age group in the Labor Day one mile Oceanside, CA swim around the pier.



Congratulations June

June Fogle Krauser (won golds in 50 & 100 fly for women 80-84,
silver in 100 & breaststroke) 

Indianapolis swimmers who competed at the National Master Championships in Houston this summer  included George Quigley and Mel Goldstein.



The Swimming Hall of Fame is researching old pools that no longer exist, like Broad Ripple Pool in Indianapolis.  The CEO Bruce Wigo is interested in historical information, photos or videos we might have about Broad Ripple Pool  from its inception in 1908 through the 1952 Olympic Trips and up to its demolition. Scanned copies or original pictures should be sent to Bruce Wigo, The Director of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, 1 Hall of Fame Drive; Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316; 954-462-6536 (o); 954-559-1622 (home) bwigo@ishof.org; www.ishof.org.

Jim Clark's son Heze  is starting a book about his father and is asking for assistance from anyone who swam for his Dad or had any dealings with him.  If you could write a few pages about what you remember of Jim, what he meant to you, his training methods, what he did for you as a person, this would be much appreciated by Heze.  You can reach Heze Clark at:  hezelaugh@yahoo.com


Congratulations Tom!

TOM HAVER placed 1st in the U. S. Masters
 Top 10 
  50 Backstroke SCY Men 85-89


John & Alex Weinbrecht
Former Riviera Swimmer John & wife Alexandria volunteer home builders with New Orleans Habitat for Humanity during the month of April (2007).
As they say... when you retire, you're busier than ever!!




Alexandria Weinbrecht

Alexandria received her Ph.D from Princeton June 2007

Alexandria & John Weinbrecht




Indy Swim Fit sets 2 National YMCA Records
May 2007

Left to right: Sandy Etnyre,  Sally Newell,  Susan Rothert  Meyers, and Barbara Kin Pinney. 

 They set two new records in the YMCA Nationals.
  The 400 Free Relay and the 200 Medley Relay. 
These are both YMCA National records.


Eva Berglund


Jean Martinv
Former  Riviera Swimmer
 returns to Competition!

September 24,2006  to be exact, Jean participated in her first swim meet in 44 years. She placed first in all the events she swam ( 200 free, 200 back, 100 breast & 100 IM)  The meet was the Kentucky Senior Games. She is now training for the National Senior Games in Louisville next summer.



Nancy Galvich
2007 - Now swimming at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center in Pasadena, CA
Fantastic facilities where 1984 Olympics took place.





2006 Kin Family Update
Former Riviera Swimmers Celebrate with Dad

Riviera Swimmers John, Mike, and Eddie Kin with
Father Steve at age 97



Eddie Kin and his wife Janice
 with Dad




Jean Ann Dellekamp
Former Swimmer for IAC

 September 2006

The Real Jean Ann!!!



2006 FINA World Swimming Championships
Stanford University CA
Betsy Turner Jordan competed in two outstanding events in August.  At the USMS World Championships held at Stanford, Betsy placed second in the world in the 400 IM, 800 free, 100 back and third in the 200 IM and 200 back.  Betsy was the top American in all five events.  In addition, her medley relay team in the 240+ category won a gold and set a world record formerly held by a German team.  There were 7200 competitors in this competition.  Way to go BETSY!

Then Betsy and her husband Pete traveled to Spain to attempt the challenge ten mile swim around Straits of Gilbraltar from Tarifa, Spain to Morocco.  Betsy swam two hours (3.8 nautical miles) and nearly half way across but couldn’t complete due to cold water(63.5-66.2F).  Wow!


Stanford University CA
Tom and Betty Haver


A display of Tom's medals and photos
from the World Swimming Championships




Third Place trophy  for visiting team at Lakeside’s 30th
 Annual Masters Invitational

ISF Swimmers participating at the August 12-13, 2006  meet:
Standing:  Barbara Kin-Pinney, Babs Larsen,
Cheryl Gettelfinger, Susan Meyers, Susie Shuck
Seated: Richard Clapp, Lowell Pinney, Michael Kin

Susan Rothert Meyers

Cheryl Gettelfinger

Lowell Pinney

Richard Clapp, Mike Kin, Susan Rothert Meyers
 and Babs Huntington Larsen

Cheryl Gettelfinger, Susie Shuck, Susan Meyers,

UNKNOWN, Lowell Pinney, Nick Nobbe, Richard Clapp, Barbara Kin Pinney

Lowell Pinney, Nick Nobbe , Barbara Kin Pinney, Richard Clapp



USMC 2 Mile Cable National Championship June 2006


Betsy Turner Jordan and Susan Rothert Meyers.
Betsy won her age group, and Susan was second in her age group


Reunion Planning Committee
Luncheon May 8th 2006 - Rathskeller

Jack Patten & Margie Roesinger Crisp

Dave Paaetzmann & Patty Aspinall Reel

Judy Roberts Thomas & Linda  Barton Newcombe


Judy Lamb Dallinger & Gail Moll Pebworth



Remarkable Recovery

Below is an excerpt from a recent article in
July Swimmers Magazine
Photo and Testimony
Tom Haver



Be patient for download via Quicktime...



Ed Kin takes to the Air!!
Former Riviera Swimmer Eddie Kin (left) tries sky
diving..a far jump from diving into a swim pool!




Former IAC Swimmers reunite in California!

June 2006

Left to Right: Pat Moll Pohlmann, Betsy Turner Jordan,
 Ruth Ann Abbett Batman and husbands Bill, Peter & Jim



                           Janice Nielsen                            

May 2006
Former Riviera Swimmer
coached by
Johnny Galvich



                                                              John Weinbrecht

June 2006 Summer Vacation for former Riviera Swimmer
Now competing via Oregon Masters Swim Program, John came
home for a visit!

Historic Riviera Club


              A Time to Remember!!




 Perfect Timing...John runs into Masters Swim Coach Mel Goldstein at the Jordan Y and Masters Swimmer Kris Houchens, Head Coach at ISF and former swimmer from Lafayette.

What Luck!!!
John meets up with Becky Collins during his visit to Zionsville Pool for some great memories and to catch up on the last 40 years.





John & Alexandria back home in Portland Oregon!




Memorial Day

Swimmers attend Cookout at the home of Bill Cass

                                      BILL Cass                                                                         George Quigley

Rick Bell (Nancy Dellekamp's Hubby) & John Earp     

                Joe Quigley, John Wyatt Earp, Pete Galvich

     Bill's house is lakefront property.
     Pete and John decided to take a swim across the cove and back
 to work off Bill's fantastic bar-b-cue.
Sorry, I do not have a picture of their swim. Maybe next time!

John Earp, Niegel Henry & Bill Cass


    Terry Earp (John's Wife)
     & Nancy Dellekamp



                       Masters High Point Winners

                             Left to Right:Susan Rothert (Meyers)...former 'Diver' for Johnny Galvich,
                             Riviera Club & Babs Huntington (Larsen)...former 'Swimmer' for
                             IAC/Riviera under coach Gene Lee.... show the shirts they
                             received at the Miami of Ohio Masters Swim Meet.
                            Susan and Babs received the t-shirts for being HIGH-POINT WINNERS
                             in their respective age groups.



         Hoosier's in California

Tom Haver and Betsy Turner Jordan 2004
Both represent the San Diego Masters Swim Team


Betsy Turner Jordan
Hall of Fame!!

International Masters Swimming
 Hall of Fame
2005 Induction
January 8, 2005

(l.to r.): Richard Reinstaedtler, Phil Whitten, Burwell Jones,
Betsy Jordan, Tod Spieker, John Deininger





Mike Kin

Former Riviera Swimmer  Mike Kin returns to the water.....
Swimming Masters April 2006

CLICK HERE To View Recent Video of Mike in Action....

CLICK HERE  To View Another Video of Mike


Barbara Kin Pinney

2006 Greater Indiana Masters SCY Championships 
 Barb placed 1st in 50 Free, 50 Back, 50 Breast, and 100 Free for her age group! 

Both Barb and hubby Lowell participated in the YMCA Nationals May 2006.

Barb swam in 9 events and came home with 9 medals: 1-1st, 1-2nd, 1-3rd, 5-5ths, 1-6th. 
 The 1st place was in a mixed 200 medley relay.  The Indy Swim Fit/Jordan Y team placed 4th overall. Lowell was asked to participate in a mixed 200 medley relay which took place promptly before his 50 free.  As it was, the relay took a 7th place, and Lowell cut 3.5 sec. off his time in Avon last month. 

 2006 Greater Indiana Masters SCY Championships 
 Barb placed 1st in 50 Free, 50 Back, 50 Breast, and 100 Free for her age group! 



                                    Susan Rothert Meyers

                                                   USMC ALL AMERICAN

Winner of several National events capturing Indiana records in every event
in which she participated except the 50 breaststroke in both Short Course and Long Course. 
Named a USMS All American for winning her age group
 in the One Mile Open Swim


John Wyatt Earp Performs in Indy!

March 2006

Becky Collins Furste, John 'Wyatt' Earp, Gail Moll Pebworth & Bill Cass at John's performance at the Eiteljorg in Indianapolis as Wyatt Earp!


John Weinbrecht
Former Swimmer for Riviera


Oregon Masters Swimming - 2006
John's First Swim Meet in about 20 years, the Oregon Masters Short Course, April 2006, held at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. John admits "I still got nervous before my swims"

He placed 2nd in the 50yr. and 100yd. breastroke and 2nd in the 100yd I.M.

John's next meet is the 2006 State Games of Oregon Masters Long Course Championships.