Niegel Henry                                                                 


I began diving at Riviera in approximately 1955 and retired in 1961.  The last year was spent at IU with Hobie Billingsly   At that time the universities didn't have women's events so I trained trampoline, sand pit and 1, 3, and 10 meters with 13 guys.  I did place 3rd several times in the Nationals and 4th in the Olympic tryouts.   After my first year, I don't remember losing a city or state title for both 1 meter and 3 meters.  The most I enjoyed about 10 meters was sitting up there watching the swimming at Shakamak State Park. 
The funniest event was sitting on the tower when Bill Cass' string in his suit broke - everyone thought he had a cramp and was drowning but in reality, he was trying to retrieve his suit from around his ankles. 
I also remember your dad entering me in  swimming events to gain points.  Too bad I wasn't much of a swimmer; I am surprised that I made some of those 100 meter lengths - especially butterfly.
Now, I only swim occasionally in my backyard pool and primarily confine my water activities to showers.
I wonder if today's swimmers and divers have as much fun and so many good memories as we.